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Kate Coyne McCoy

When America’s top political leaders, major causes and interest groups need a helping hand, they turn to Kate Coyne-McCoy. Coyne-McCoy is a sought- after campaign strategist who has worked in 45 states at every level of electoral campaigns–local school board to US president.  She is a career maker for many women up and down the ballot. In the 2020 cycle Coyne-McCoy served as senior advisor to Congresswoman Val Demings during her Vice-Presidential vetting process.  She provided speech coaching to then presidential candidate John Hickenlooper and guided the political program for Florida’s Ruth’s List—advising more than 100 candidates.  Kate recruited now Secretary of US Commerce and former RI Governor Gina Raimondo to run for Treasurer- launching her public service career.  In 2016 Coyne-McCoy launched and contributed to the election of the first Latina to hold statewide office in New England.

Coyne-McCoy is a skilled tactician with a soul that pushes for greater equality, inclusion and justice—training literally thousands of candidates and staff nationwide for various organizations including Leaders of Color, UCONN Political School of Social Work and various labor unions,

For over a decade, Harvard University has sought her expertise as chief trainer for the Harvard Square to the Oval Office program at the Kennedy School where she works with both domestic and international students to create the root structure for growing their political power within their communities.

Coyne-McCoy is a total utility player.  With expertise in electoral and issue campaigns, Kate is also a skilled lobbyist, coalition builder, organizer, and strategic planner.  A trained mental health professional and therapist Kate is adept at crisis management, and fire prevention (the political kind!)


Kate Coyne-McCoy is a registered lobbyist with a lengthy history of delivering for clients. Focused primarily on progressive social and economic policy, Coyne McCoy has capitalized on her relationships with legislators and leaders, impacting some of the most significant legislation to pass (or die) in Rhode Island’s history.

Who We Are
Who We Are

Kate’s unique combination of skills: a social workers expertise in public policy, combined with political and electoral experience is a winning combination.  Most recently, Coyne-McCoy directed the success of gun control bills protecting victims of domestic violence and the mentally ill.  She has worked for more than 20 years on health care issues including insurance regulation designed to benefit consumers, reproductive freedom of choice, and environmental laws protecting fish and promoting wind energy.


What we do - Training

When it comes to training Kate is the best. Her training style, noted for incredible energy, wit and experience consistently receives high praise and exceptional evaluations from participants. Kate has trained over 9000 people in 45 states in the US and she has contributed to the success of hundreds of candidates and activists.

Trainings can be designed for individuals or groups for a couple of hours or several days focused on any topic related to political and issue campaigns. Coyne-McCoy is especially adept at getting down ballot candidates ready to run with sound construction of finance plans, crafting and implementing message. Candidate leave sessions ready to raise the funds needed to win, and comfortable with a campaign message they can stick to.

In addition to electoral training, Kate provides training to members associations and groups interested in building political power through lobbying and activism at the local state and federal level.

What we do - Political Campaigns

From getting ready to run through election day we can provide candidates and campaign staff with intensive hands on service and innovative resources. We can build budgets and fundraising plans. We can build, troubleshoot, and tweak voter contact plans. We will create media strategy and message development. We will write speeches, press releases, prep candidates for debate and editorial board meetings. We will help find staff and provide support and technical assistance to that staff. We can guide you to victory whether you are running for local school board, state legislature, Congress and everything in between.

Campaign Organizing

Kate has experience organizing groups and communities to influence government. Most recently, Kate created Protect Matunuck, a group of 14,000 people committed to protecting a small RI village. Using communications strategies including video production and social and mainstream media work Coyne-McCoy helped Protect Matunuck and its leaders achieve its goals.

What we do - Planning

Kate Coyne-McCoy has helped hundreds of not-for-profit organizations and groups build strategies and plans for growth, empowerment, and impact. She is a skilled facilitator with experience managing groups as small as 5 and as large as 1200.

What we do - Crisis Management

Kate has the unique ability to combine years of social work crisis intervention skills with political challenges. If your team needs guidance or a change we can help. We can audit and assess your campaign and improve its functionality.


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