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About Campaign Fixer

Who We Are

Kate Coyne-McCoy has devoted her career to the pursuit of progressive social change. Having worked her first political campaign at age 12, Coyne-McCoy has contributed to the success of hundreds of electoral and issue campaigns all across the United States. Kate is a trained social worker, an experienced advocate, coalition builder, organizer, recruiter and former candidate for Congress. She has designed and implemented candidate recruiting training and support programs for the nation’s largest political action network, and for the Oval Office program at Harvard University.

In addition to training more than 8,000 candidates and directly assisting with hundreds of successful elections, Kate Coyne McCoy has brought her intensive hands-on approach to the development and expansion of many issue campaigns and growing not for profit organizations. Skilled in every phase of campaign and organizational development - fundraising, message creation and delivery, working with the media and building voter and constituent contact programs, Kate knows what it takes to build winning campaigns.

What We Do

Campaign Fixer provides planning, training, facilitation, fundraising, message creation and delivery, media strategy and voter contact programs to individuals, groups, organizations and government entities in the United States. Our service can provide one hour of consultation by phone, in person troubleshooting of a finance plan and call time system, or the facilitation of a group strategy session. We can permanently staff your effort, or provide on-going technical assistance. We are nationally recognized for extraordinary training and strategy skills, and can build a program to suit your specific needs and budget.