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Big Wins and Firsts

Two HUGE WINS in 2014!

American Leadership PAC for Gina Raimondo, Governor of Rhode Island.

KCM Consulting raised nearly one million dollars to support Gina’s campaign with an
independent expenditure. Our layered communications made a critical difference in the
Primary and our 30 second television spot provided cover for the campaign while they
re-positioned for the General.

Nellie Gorbea, Rhode Island Secretary of State

KCM Consulting provided nearly two years of intense campaign consultation including
assistance with fundraising, training for staff, manager consultation weekly, debate prep
and media training. In partnership with SWAY Media, KCM Consulting collaborated on
the creative production of Nellie’s Primary and general television spots. Both spots
stood out and are widely credited for contributing to her win.

Better Georgia

In collaboration with SWAY Media, KCM Consulting provided on-going technical
assistance and campaign guidance to Better Georgia – specifically their effort to tell
Georgia Voters the truth about Nathan Deal, the governor seeking re-election. We
assisted with the development of a social media strategy, provided fundraising
expertise, trained staff and produced three game changing 30 second spots for use on
social media and broadcast television.

Sue Happ for Attorney General

In partnership with SWAY Media, KCM consulting provided media and fundraising
assistance to the campaign during the primary. Our ad was widely credited for Happ’s
defeat of her Primary opponent- it was creative and unusual and attention getting.